PA Places is an app for Apple's 4th generation AppleTV. The app allows users to explore Pennsylvania by viewing photos and short videos that document the state's material culture and the lives of its residents.

The app can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple TV app store.

The Organizing Idea is Place

The photos and videos presented by PA Places are explicitly related to a place in Pennsylvania. Photos are presented in portfolios that document a place or a portion of a place at a moment in time. Videos may document a person and his or her work, or events or activities that are significant in the life of specific communities.

Photos and videos can be explored from a familiar collection view, or from a map that shows the location at which a photo was taken or a video produced.

The map view allows viewers to find photos by location.

Photo Information and Creative's Details

There is a narrative caption associated with every photo.

Captions provide information about the image.

Viewers can also get information about the person who created the image.

From the photo caption view, users can learn about the person who created the image.

Topics Span Places

The topics view provides a way to explore what different places have in common and what may seem common differs among places.

The topics view allows viewers to search for photos tagged with specific things, ideas, or concepts.

Content Can Be Saved

Users can save favorite content for reconsideration or discussion with others.

The saved items view allows viewers find saved photos, portfolios or videos.

Privacy Policy

The PA Places app collects information about the number of times portfolios, videos, and photos have been viewed, however, this usage data is never associated with an individual user's personally identifiable information (PII) and is used only in aggregate to guide decisions by the editorial team about what kinds content users, in aggregate, may wish to view now and in future. PA Places requests permission to note a viewer's location while the application is running to assist viewers in finding information they may be interested in. A viewer's location is not stored or associated with a viewer's PII by the application. Data collected by the app is not sold, leased, or otherwise provided to any third party for any commercial purpose other than identifying and resolving programming or other technical issues related to the app's performance.

Viewer Support

If you encounter problems while using the PA Places app, please e-mail the project with a discription of the problem and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

Copyright Questions & Issues

Persons who think their copyright may have been infringed by content presented by the PA Places app may contact the project's copyright agent.

Terms of Use

Use of the PA Places application subject to terms of use which are disclosed here and after pushing the Terms of Use button on About screen of the application.